01. Should I choose “Dual-camera structured light” or “Telecentric structured light”?

If you require wide-area inspection, choose “Dual-camera structured light”. If you need high-precision 2D/3D measurements, opt for “Telecentric structured light”.

02. What sets Benano's products apart from other structured light providers?

Benano is one of the few manufacturers specializing in both dual-camera and telecentric structured light for industrial metrology applications. We possess core technology and extensive production experience in high-precision structured light. With our expertise in online inspection, we offer comprehensive structured light solutions.

03. What is Benano's area of expertise?

Our expertise lies in high-speed inspection on electronic production lines, specifically in pin and BGA solder ball inspection for electronic connectors or chips. We are particularly renowned for our market-leading CPU Socket inspection, currently holding the top position worldwide.

04. How can I initiate an evaluation for my 3D vision needs?

Please contact Benano's sales team directly. We will guide you through a standardized evaluation and validation process to determine the most suitable product for your specific requirements in the shortest possible time.

05. What services does Benano provide for integrating their products?

We assist customers in conducting sample testing and analysis. Additionally, we provide support to their quality assurance or research and development departments to seamlessly integrate our products into their production lines, thereby reducing the time required for implementing 3D vision.

06. In which projects is structured light suitable?

Structured light is suitable for almost all products that necessitate 2D/3D inspection. However, it is generally not applicable to mirror-like or transparent objects. If you have specific requirements for wafer inspection, please contact us to explore our new products.